2018 Sermon Archives

We make sermons from our preaching ministers available online for download. You can download the audio version of the sermon to your computer by a simple right click of mouse on the title of the sermon you which to download then selecting "Save Target As." If you are looking for a message that isn't posted, please contact our church office at 812-934-5147.

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1/02/2019mp315 MB1/02/2019
12/24/2018mp315 MB12/24/2018
12/18/2018mp316 MB12/18/2018
12/11/2018mp315 MB12/11/2018
12/11/2018mp313 MB12/11/2018
11/27/2018mp315 MB11/27/2018
11/19/2018mp317 MB11/19/2018
11/13/2018mp317 MB11/13/2018
11/04/2018mp316 MB11/04/2018
10/29/2018mp318 MB10/29/2018
10/22/2018mp317 MB10/22/2018
10/15/2018mp316 MB10/15/2018
10/07/2018mp314 MB10/07/2018
10/01/2018mp317 MB10/01/2018
9/24/2018mp318 MB9/24/2018
9/20/2018mp314 MB9/20/2018
9/10/2018mp317 MB9/10/2018
9/05/2018mp315 MB9/05/2018
8/27/2018mp316 MB8/27/2018
8/23/2018mp318 MB8/23/2018
8/13/2018mp316 MB8/13/2018
8/11/2018mp314 MB8/11/2018
8/11/2018mp310 MB8/11/2018
7/26/2018mp317 MB7/26/2018
7/16/2018mp316 MB7/16/2018
7/09/2018mp316 MB7/09/2018
7/02/2018mp315 MB7/02/2018
6/26/2018mp314 MB6/26/2018
6/21/2018mp314 MB6/21/2018
6/21/2018mp317 MB6/21/2018
6/04/2018mp314 MB6/04/2018
5/29/2018mp313 MB5/29/2018
5/23/2018mp317 MB5/23/2018
5/16/2018mp317 MB5/16/2018
5/06/2018mp318 MB5/06/2018
4/30/2018mp319 MB4/30/2018
4/25/2018mp318 MB4/25/2018
4/16/2018mp318 MB4/16/2018
4/08/2018mp315 MB4/08/2018
4/02/2018mp317 MB4/02/2018
3/25/2018mp317 MB3/25/2018
3/19/2018mp317 MB3/19/2018
3/12/2018mp317 MB3/12/2018
3/05/2018mp316 MB3/05/2018
2/28/2018mp317 MB2/28/2018
2/19/2018mp316 MB2/19/2018
2/12/2018mp315 MB2/12/2018
2/06/2018mp316 MB2/06/2018
1/29/2018mp316 MB1/29/2018
1/11/2019mp318 MB1/11/2019
1/16/2018mp317 MB1/16/2018
1/09/2018mp318 MB1/09/2018